4_h140What is Transition?

The Transition Movement  is a grassroots effort that began in Kinsale Ireland, 2005

with the work of permaculture  teacher Rob Hopkins and his community

college students.   Rob began to seriously  question existing systems and assumptions

about growth and sustainability  when a transportation strike in England

left greater London with only three days of food. His class project grew into a

town effort, and then spread across the  globe inspiring people to form their own

group.  Unsustainable growth isn’t working. Instead  of prosperity, we have an economy

and environment that is rapidly degrading;  energy costs are skyrocketing while

we dig deeper and deeper for dwindling  sources of fossil fuels.

Who are we?

Transition Hendersonville is a group of inspired  local residents and organizations that, along

with hundreds of other local initiatives in countries around the world, envision a thriving, resilient

community and a minimized dependence on  fossil fuel.   Transition Hendersonville is made up of people

from Henderson County, Hendersonville, NC,   that are voluntarily engaged in exploring ways

we can reclaim the diversity of local agriculture,  strengthen the local economy, and lower our energy

consumption while building community, personal   skills, and enlivening our imaginations. In

doing this, we hope to find meaningful ways to   reconnect with our neighbors.

 How will it happen?

A Transition Initiative is a process  through which the community (individuals,

organizations, businesses, and local government)   is brought together to create solutions

to the challenges posed by the end of   cheap oil, climate change, and an uncertain

economy.   The process begins with the formation of  an Initiating Group that raises awareness

through film screenings, handbook study  groups, and “reskilling” workshops. Networking

with area organizations is a vital  step leading up to an Initiative’s “Great  Unleashing”—an official launch of a Transition

Town.  After the Unleashing, working groups are  formed based on aspects of the community

and the local economy, such as food and  agriculture, transportation, energy, personal

skills, heart & soul work, and the  arts.  These groups conceive specific projects

for Transition, most importantly the formation  of an Energy Descent Action Plan,

and beyond…

Green tree

Be a Tree Helper

A Volunteer Training Session What: Hendersonville Tree Board, sponsor Where: Henderson County Library auditorium When: Monday, March 23, 2015   6 – 7:30 p.m. Who: Open to the public, including families, students, and those trained in or interested in urban forestry. No special training is required. Contact for info: Mac Brackett, 692-3026, or [email protected]  You can …

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True Nature County Fair

The True Nature Country Fair is looking for teachers for this year’s fair.  Most any subject that has to do with living sustainably on our Home is desirable. The date is October 4th and the location is Highland Lake Cove in Flat Rock.   Each session should run between 60 and 90 minutes and be …

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Inner Transition

The SHIFT, The Great Turning, a new Ecozoic Era, the Ecological Revolution. Many different names have been suggested, indicating the magnitude of this transition time through which humanity and Mother Earth are moving. Research indicates inevitable reduction of fossil fuels, water, and food supply as well as economic instability. So we ask the question, how …

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Amish horse and buggie

Considering the Amish

By Meg and Michael Reim Meg and I were coming home from a visit with a friend in New Jersey. We passed thru Lancaster County in Pennsylvania and decided to camp over in the small town of Ronks, Pa. We chose Ronks because we had done business (by mail) with a farmer there in the …

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Seasonal Herbs – Comfrey

By Jeanne Myers This is one of my favorite herbs. I started with comfrey on my property above Lake Lure, when I started making my own salves and tinctures from herbs. I left there and roamed around the country and came back to North Carolina in 2008. Now I was living in the city and …

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A Creative Death

End of Life Tools – presented by Michele Skeele, CMP Saturday, 8/23/14 – 10 am – 4 pm Much as a birthing class can give us tools for the emergence of new life into our families, a “deathing” class can empower us to create end-of-life experiences that enrich our families and communities.  Explore what your death …

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Green Home tour

ECO’s 7th Annual Green Homes and Edible Gardens Tour Is August 9

The 2014 edition of this popular self-driving tour focuses on edible gardens and landscaping in addition to providing information on solar installations and small-house design. Seven locations in Henderson County will be open to ticket-holders 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday, August 9. Home owners and gardeners will be on hand to describe their …

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Summer Potlucks

  Mark the first Sunday of each month as potluck night at Highland Lake Cove, 215 Rhett Drive, Flat Rock, NC. starting at 6:00pm. The next potluck will be September 7. . Please be sure to bring your plates, utensils, and cups.

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Pisgah Field School

Woodland Series Returns

 A series of workshops July 16-17 and August 20-21 will empower forest landowners to manage their properties to promote environmental and forest health through increased awareness, experience, and access to resources. Click here to learn more and register.

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