Mold: An Anti-Sustainability Agent

Mold: An Anti-Sustainability Agent 

Molds have a job to do in the natural order of things. Their job is to decay organic stuff.  Stuff like the homes we build to live in, the plants we grow for food, the fabrics we use for warmth. They even directly affect our very own bodies as anywhere from direct fungal infections to allergy and asthma triggers. 

So, there you are busy working your personal energy descent plan.  One day you stand up from your work to assess your progress. You take a step back and proudly scan your domain. A closer look reveals that while you’ve been toiling in the garden your stores are being pillaged by marauding armies of molds. Your vegetable plants have fungal spots. Your soffits have molded under the gutters. Your sporting gear has molded in the garage. Your bread has molded in the pantry. Your shoes have molded in the closet. Your floor joists have molded in the basement. Your storage boxes are covered with mold. Being down there makes you sneeze! Your kingdom is under attack. And the molds are about to call for your surrender. 

Molds are a powerful adversary but they do have a weakness. For the most part they are helpless without the support of their strongest ally, moisture.  This is both bad news and good news. 

The bad news is that this temperate rain forest climate of Western North Carolina is a moist area indeed. Cooler days and nights, 40 to 70 annual inches of rainfall, and fog and clouds that part only from 11AM to 3PM.  Mold and Moisture readily team up and cause lots of destruction as they compromise our efforts to sustain ourselves on the home front. 

The good news is that if you can control the moisture then molds will remain inactive and not cause destruction. It is imperative that you control moisture on each of many fronts:

  • Roof, gutter, wall, downspout, and drain systems.
  • Surface grading and irrigation systems.
  • Fresh water supply and gray/waste water removal systems.
  • Indoor appliances.
  • Heat/Cool/Air system.
  • Indoor air temperature and humidity.

You can win these battles but where do you start? In your efforts to sustain home, health, and property you could use an ally of your own. 

Transition Hendersonville brings you a wealth of mold and moisture fighting expertise.

You can attend any or all of these Home Sustainability activities:

  1. a.       Studies in basic mold warfare:

                          i.      Learn about molds, mold health effects, mold damage, mold clean-up, and mold prevention.

                        ii.      Healthy Home Course, Blue Ridge Community College, Henderson County Campus,

                      iii.      Three-evening series, Thursdays

                       iv.      Begins August 25 6:30pm to 8:00pm. Call Rick Bayless at 828-243-5192 for details.

  1. b.      Mold reconnaissance and Planning your attack:

                          i.      Have your home inspected by Rick Bayless for mold and moisture issues. Develop an action plan for

                        ii.      mold control that best suits your situation. Call Rick Bayless at 828-243-5192 for details.

                      iii.      By appointment. Peak at www.RickBaylessHealthyHome.com

  1. c.       Call in the Army, the Navy, The Air Force, and The Marines:

                          i.      Home Sustainability skills-building workshop, Together the small group gathers at one or more group

                        ii.      member’s home(s) to learn how to do some helpful moisture/mold control measures, Crawl space

                      iii.      work, dehumidifying, duct air control, rain run-off.  Program is tailored to the needs of the group.

                       iv.      By appointment. Call Rick Bayless at 828-243-5192 for details.

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